Academy activities

The peak performance that can be delivered does not depend only on technical and physical abilities. Actually, emotional and mental statuses are pivotal factors when you try to stand out in a very competitive context that can cause pressure. FDA mental training provides a program based on the application of innovative neuroscientific methodologies that allow an objective and constant analysis of those progresses that can be achieved.

The program provides the following activities:

• Multidimensional assessment;
• Biofeedback training;
• Neurofeedback training;
• Cognitive training;
• Mental coaching.

Biofeedback training allows to develop those abilities of psycho-physiological self control, in order to enhance the management of sport stress, to improve the ability to control emotional answers under pressure and the ability of psycho-physiological stress recovery.
Neurofeedback training is based on the control of cortical activity and allows to modulate the cerebral activity while practicing sport.
Neurocognitive training is based on computerized procedures that take advantage of those principles typical of synaptic plasticity to improve different processes that are specifically involved in motorsport (visuospatial attention, concentration and memory, decision making). Finally, mental coaching activities are determined to improve self efficacy and to facilitate the best performance through an independent procedure based on learning and continuous improvement.

The new generation of drivers needs to enhance its own experience not just driving, but also improving its culture at 360 degrees, getting to know even those technical aspects that generally only reside under the jurisdiction of engineers. Through a didactic model based on experiences, a series of classes have been organized. It is about theoretical and practical classes whose aim is to train the drivers to use their talent the best way they can, to learn to gain experience and to communicate with their own team. Indeed, one of the most relevant goals during coaching is to strengthen the team spirit and that’s why FDA organizes several technical, athletic, and cultural activities involving all the FDA members.

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