Ferrari Driver Academy

The idea to found the Ferrari Driver Academy arose after observing the Italian-Brazilian driver, Felipe Masse, growing up more and more. Even though he had stipulated a contract with Scuderia Ferrari, the latter decided to give the driver to the team Sauber for three seasons (from 2002 until 2005). Sergio Pérez was the first one to move to Formula 1 with Sauber, then settling in to McLaren and in to Force India later. Jules Bianchi was the first one to take part in this program in December 2009. He has been the most promising young driver who passed through FDA in Maranello. After two seasons in Marussia from 2013, if that tragic day had never arrived during the season 2014 he would have been destined for one of the Ferrari seats.

The FDA task is to shape the drivers from an agonistic and human point of view, in addition to a professional one. Carrying out a long-time program influencing the most critical age of growth, FDA provides tools for its young talented drivers, which are suitable for the right choises. The aim of the Ferrari Driver Academy is to give the necessary resources to the young drivers for their growth from a personal point of view, in order to help them to develop their driving techniques, their physical training, to become familiar with economic aspects regarding the automotive sport. Lastly, it aims to help its guys to relate to the media, using specific tools which are available in the factory.

The idea to create the so-called “Ferrari Campus ” rose in order to allow the guys to ‘breathe in’, 24 hours per day the motorsport world and, above all, the Ferrari world. The aim is shaping the driver from different points of view, that is from a personal, physical, athletic, mental and nutritional points of view, enhancing driving techniques, but also with the goal of introducing economic aspects and the automotive sport marketing together with media relations to the guys. All this is made possible using specific tools, interacting with the people and the structures of the strongest and most funded brand all over the world, not just regarding motorsport. The “Ferrari Campus” will have its headquarters at the Fiorano Circuit with several facilities right inside. The drivers’ talent needs to be strengthened through specific programs, including physical training that has been studied ad hoc, in order to answer the motorsport demands. MEDEX, the medical partner of Ferrari, is responsible for all those aspects concerning our drivers’ physical training and conditions. It has the purpose of making our youngsters able to deal with physical efforts, typical of a race weekend.

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