Tony Kart

Tony Kart is the flagship brand for the OTK Kart Group, a leading Italian manufacturer for the international karting industry. Tony Kart has always been the marque for performance and quality of its chassis, as well as for its latest innovations. Tony Kart’s prestigious heritage is a result of research and development carried out through more than 30 years of activity in the most prestigious and important competitions, an integral part of the Tony Kart Racing Team.

The Tony Kart Racing Team is Tony Kart’s official factory racing team. Its résumé boasts more than 20 world titles along with other prestigious titles. Currently, the Tony Kart Racing Team attends the most selective and prestigious competitions in the world, contesting categories recognized by the CIK-FIA. Tony Kart Racing Team’s target is not just to win solely for “promoting” the Tony Kart product line. The Tony Kart Racing Team is also a breeding ground of champions past and future, where thanks to Tony Kart’s available resources and skills, the new talents of motorsport grow and improve. Mechanics and technicians, both highly professional and competent, have at their disposal tools and unique working methods that were conceived and introduced through years of experience on the track. The perfect combination of staff and tools allows drivers for the Tony Kart Racing Team to better carry out their on track activities.